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There are many different ways a business can display customer testimonials — And when determining the best approach...

Sam Kennedy

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To show the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy customers do the talking? It's a simple...

Thomas Lee

Marketing Lead
"Enigma's Investment and support has allowed the management team to speed up the expansion of 59club around the world, continue with its key strategy of employing the best staff, and allow the implementation of key IT projects that support that growth"
Simon Wordsworth
CEO, 59club
“Enigma has been a fantastic partner in the development of the company. As we mature and grow it is invaluable to be able to draw upon the vast experience and input from the Enigma team. Life as an entrepreneur is often lonely and challenging, and Enoksen have truly come to appreciate the human touch which is the foundation of Enigma.”
Hans Enoksen
CEO, Enoksen Watch Company LTD
“Enigma’s partnership with Manava is crucial to the success of the brand. Having the experience and support of Enigma has been invaluable, from the initial set-up of the business to allowing us to implement the strategy and create infrastructure to grow to our full potential.”
“Enigma's investment in our new facility has allowed Instinct Gym and Wellbeing to grow faster and bigger than ever possible before. Their support and knowledge has guided us, allowing us to create a thriving business.”
Chris Norris
Instinct Gym and Wellness